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We all have a passion for at least one of the things in the entire world, such as entertaining, community growth, reading, parenting, sports, helping others or any other activity, but it is important how we cultivate it. You can easily turn your passion into a successful thing that can bring you many satisfactions!


who we are?


Be a visionary, be intuitive and dare to turn your passion into reality! Don’t let anybody tell you what you can and can’t do because nobody knows better than you where your dreams aim. I am Darryl Gooden and God gave me these words to cherish and to share: "To see change, break the chains within.” The Authentic Passion brand is all about people from everywhere being able to express their true passion in a fun and engaging way. A free thinking means freeing yourself from the old mentality, forget about everything and start your OWN journey! 




We couldn’t create this company without having an important mission and that is, to give back a part of each sale to the teachers. Because they deserve it, because every teacher dedicates his entire career to helping each of us discover our path and achieving the professions we want. We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the teachers who guided our fragile steps into this world and helped us discover who we are and what we want. They deserve all the appreciation and this is just a small gesture of gratitude we could all do. 

Let’s keep the teacher’s light shining, just like they showed the light when we couldn’t see anything!


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